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2013 Leaf battery Upgrade

Hello everyone. I am interested in upgrading the current battery pack in my 2013 Leaf to a 40 KWH pack.
I live in Los Angeles County, but I have not had much luck finding any shops that will do the battery upgrade. If the price is reasonable, I would rather upgrade my Leaf than buy a new electric car.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Re: 2013 Leaf battery Upgrade

Plenty of threads on this (you can search my posts) and plenty of "hits" on Google if you do a search for "leaf battery upgrade".
I know there are folks on the West coast (where you live) that will do it turn-key. I've done exactly what you want to...but with my 2011. Good luck!
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Re: 2013 Leaf battery Upgrade

Have problem with my Leaf 2018. On display it shows "Key System Error- See Owners Manual".
When this message shows the steering wheel is very light, seat belt signal doesnt work, miles/kilometers doesnt shows, the instrument it doesnt show either how fast you drive it.

This problem came when i took out the instrument cluster to fix the glas, and when I install it back i didnt take off the battery (-) cable. This warning message ("Key System Error- See Owners Manual").
It looks like it have to activate the car but i dont know how?

I appreciate it if someone can help me with this and give me instruction about to fix this problem?


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