Upgrade to 60Kwh battery (Leaf 2018 SL)

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Feb 16, 2024
I would like to know if it's possible to upgrade the 40Kwh battery of my Nissan Leaf 2018 to a 60 Kwh battery. And how much approx could cost the upgrade including the cost of a new or used 60Kwh battery?

Thank you in advance.
Well, it is technically feasible and has been done. The first question, though, is where you could obtain a 60/62 kwh battery and how much it would cost - especially a new one. As several others here have observed, at the moment it is actually cheaper and simpler to look around for a good deal on a low mileage used Plus model - particularly if you are eligible for the used EV rebate. (you don't identify your location - my response is mostly applicable to the US)
I have a 2013 Leaf and installed a used 64kWh battery in it. Took my Leaf from 80 miles maximum to around 225 miles maximum. When I did this exchange it was $15K. Nissan will not do this for you, but there are companies that will.
It is possible.
It'd likely be cheaper to sell yours and buy a different car.
It can cost $1,5000-$20,000 USD.