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Re: Problems Charging at Nissan Dealerships?

Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:36 am

GeekyVetGirl wrote:I get stopped all of the time and asked about my Leaf and the EV experience. Every time, I mention how great it is and how they should not buy from Lou Fusz Nissan.

...Bryan suggested that EV owners call the EV-only Nissan hotline and discuss problems like this with them - 1-877-664-2738.

Nissan Dealers need to understand that WE are ambassadors for their products. We are free advertising for them. We are also honest and if a dealer is not with the spirit of the push to EV then we'll also tell others about that.

I didn't purchase my car from my local Nissan dealership purely on the basis of their short sighted policy of NOT allowing other Nissan LEAF owners, who have not purchased their LEAFs from them, to not charge there.

I don't agree with some that all public QC should be free, I see no reason why I should get a free ride on miles from anyone. Just charge us a rate at which is fair. For us LEAF owners, it probably should be the rate of charging it at home plus a convenience fee and it should be on the power used, not the time spent sitting there unless you are not charging. There are many posts about charging and fees, so I'll not get into it here.
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