100 kW Charging

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It only says the Port is 100 kW, not that the charging rate is 100 kW. I believe that they are talking about the electrical specification of the port. However, it may or may not be possible to charge above 73 kW. Since, 73 kW is the last charge rate that an EVgo DC Quick Charger sent to my 2024 Nissan LEAF SV Plus yesterday (6/6/2024).
Correct. the 100 KW is determined by current and voltage rating of the pack which is nominally 400 volts by DC Charging standards so you can only approach 100 KW. As we know its not possible since higher real voltage only happens as the SOC rises. On some EVgo stations they show current and I've seen a range of max currents from 199 to as much as 219 so even side by side identical machines are... well, not identical