2013 Leaf wipers suddenly stop midway while wiping. More common then people think?

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Jul 20, 2023
I've had a handful of times where my 2013 Nissan Leaf would suddenly terrify me as the first instance was at night on a one lane road and it was a heavy down pour. The wipers were going and suddenly stopped almost straight up and down. After a second or two, there was almost no visibility out of the windshield, so I clicked the hazzards in hopes I would not be hit or hit another car. Within 15 to 30 seconds, the wiper continued working. That night, it actually occurred 3 more times before I was able to get home. This behavior also occurred during light rain during the day and I happened to be stopped at a traffic light at the time. I pulled off the road and turned off the car and back on and they began working again from the mid point of the windshield. I was hoping it would occur again as I had my camera running the rest of the way home, but it did not. Over two years passed with no issues, and my son was returning from the DMV after just obtaining his license. There was a very light rain and it happened again. Luckily my older son was with him and instructed him to not panic and they got through it. My older son actually got a snapshot of the wipers in the upright position and I noticed in the picture that the regen was showing it was fully regenerating while they were stopped i.e. all green dots on the left side. So, I wonder if that reveals anything as it doesn't seem right. I've had Nissan look at it but their bottom line was that they could replace various parts, but since they can't reproduce, there's no telling if the issue is resolved. I use that car for 98% of all my driving and like I said, two years passed and lots of rain in Georgia, and the issue never happened again, until yesterday.

I don't want to give up the car as I love it and it still drives nice, but I also don't feel good about my son (or anyone else) driving it solo knowing that issue may pop up at any time. I also, don't feel good just having Nissan change parts but not giving any assurance that it's done anything. I now wonder if there have been Nissan deaths in the past that were actually wiper related, but since the wiper resumes after 15-30 seconds, no one is aware as it looks like it's working normally, nobody has a voice to say the issue was a stopped wiper.

I do know I've seen another post very similar to mine with a Nissan Altima. Maybe I should keep the car, but only drive in good visibility till it finally dies of old age, and switch to a different auto brand altogether. (by the way, my leaf still gets on a good warm day, 80 miles), but usually in the mid 70's. I drive it daily.
It sounds like a software glitch so replacing parts will probably not fix it. If/when it happens again, try turning the wiper control switch off and back on. Also, try all speed settings.

I have driven over 200,000 miles in LEAFs since 2011 and never encountered this situation so I don't think it is common.