Sudden loss of regen.

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Feb 5, 2019
Can someone help me with my 2013 Leaf. A few years ago I had a similar issue happen to my leaf where one day it just decided that regen wasn't needed. I drive my car in B because I use the regen to make my miles last for my daily drive to and from work. I notice immediately that the car stops slowing down when I let up and the regen goes from 4 bars to maybe 3 but only after the battery is under 40%. Right now my car is driving as if the pack is fully charged with little resistance when I let off the gas. The last time this happened I replaced the original Lead acid batter and it corrected the issue, this was on 11/12/2022 It is Gel Cell Yellow Top. My car has OMVS installed and I record logs but it seems that it has some gaps in the logging. I suspect that the car voltage for the OBD2 is dropping so it's powering down but can't confirm.

I sat in the car yesterday and logged the OBD2 voltage with an app called Car Scanner Pro and it would drop down to 10.8Volts if I was in the car with the dash on but not the car. As soon as you power the car the inverter would kick on and the voltage would go up to 13-14v.

I've attached the log file from the last few months to see if maybe i'm missing something that stands out to others. Other then the fact that my battery is getting to the point i'll probably have to scrap the car I don't see why it would do this again.

Should I replace the battery again?

Link: Logs
(Notice on the link that there are tabs on the bottom for 12v info and Regen info.)

Thank you for the help
I pulled the battery and charged it today, Took it to the local parts house and they tested it saying that it was good @61%. However when I connect it to the car again it's showing barely 12V with nothing on but the car in acc mode. Also i'm watching my OVMS and it's doing strange things with the batter charge.

  • [3:29:43 PM]vehicle.charge.12v.stop
  • [3:29:52 PM]vehicle.charge.12v.start
  • [3:30:02 PM]vehicle.charge.12v.stop
  • [3:30:12 PM]vehicle.charge.12v.start
These messages are constantly coming.

Any ideas?
You say you "charged it today", but how much, how long? Did you just push it up to around 12.8 - 13 volts, or did you let is slowly charge for hours (like lead-acid wants)? 10.8 volts sounds like it might be one cell of the lead-acid battery not delivering voltage - 5/6 of 13 volts is around 10.8 volts. If one cell is showing higher resistance or limited capacity, it would come up to voltage quickly, but drop out quickly when not on charge.

Not sure what they meant by "good at 61%", was that state of charge or capacity? If it was state of charge, this is bad, as leaving the battery in that state for an extended period would be hard on the lead-acid battery, resulting in sulfation and seriously reduced capacity - it would explain the voltage drop under load. It sounds like the little battery is just about toast, and time to replace it. I did one a few years ago - got the replacement (same size, type, etc.) from Costco, and it took only a few minutes to swap it.
The battery is a cell cell type. I charged it on 3 amps last night. I was poking around in OVMS and it might have been the issues causing the start and stop charge issues on the car.