2014 Leaf Climate + Charge Timer Not Working

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New member
Nov 21, 2023
So my climate charger and timer work immediately, if plugged in. However, after about 20 minutes of plugged in from my NEMA 15-40 LV 2 mobile charger, all the lights go out. Almost like the charger is going idle and not sending a signal to the car.

But the problem is my climate control timer doesnt work at all on battery either! The light comes on but it doesnt work.
Neither my charging timer OR my climate control timer work.

My clocks are correct,
Ive tried ever combination of timer/priority settings.
Ive tried climate both plugged in and not plugged in (but fully charged).

Im trying my 120 mobile charger tonight. Is their a piece or component that may fail that i can check/replace? Should my blue lights be on all the time or does it go idle?

Climate timer DOES work with OEM 120v charging cable. It seems its communicating just find. I assume my aftermarket charger simply doesnt communicate with it? Though, it should still work on battery???