2015 Leaf with 21k miles should range be greater than 90 miles?

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If you want to limit charging to 80% it can be done but requires some (minimal) effort on your part. It's easier if you have a consistent schedule. For example, lets say that you leave for work at 8 AM Mon-Fri. To limit your charging to (approximately) 80% you would:

1) Figure out how quickly your car charges on L1 (120v) or L2 (240v), depending on what you're using at your location. As an example, our 2014 gains 5-6% battery charge per hour on L1 in our garage.
2) Set the charge ending timer to stop after you want to leave. So, if you found that you add 5-6% an hour, and you want to limit your charge to 80%, you would set the ending timer to somewhere between 11:30 AM and noon, Mon-Fri. Note that you can set a second timer for the weekend if you desire.
3) On Sunday night, or when you get home from work, you plug your car in with the charge ending timer already set. Charging will start automatically at some point in the night (perhaps immediately) to get the car to 100% by the ending time you've set. When you unplug the car at 8 AM, it should be around 80%.
4) You can play around with the values a bit if you want to hit exactly 80%.

This really isn't difficult to do, but obviously only works well if you have a consistent driving schedule. Also note that there should be a button on the lower left dash (at least on our SV) to override the timer if you want to start charging immediately for some reason.