2015 SL 66,000 miles, Georgia

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Nov 15, 2023
Selling my 2015 black sl. It’s in good shape with 66,000 miles. It has 9 bars and the GOM reads around 65-77 miles on a full charge. My odb dongle stopped working otherwise I’d post the battery stats.Mostly driven on back roads under 50mph it gets about 4.4-5.0 m/kw, but I tend to baby it. I put in a AGM 12v after having 2 lead batteries fail.

I’ll post more pictures in the daytime. It’s been a great little commuter but I want to trade up for something with 150 or more so I can get to Atlanta or Charleston more easily.

$7500, I also have a Siemens level 2 charger that I may part with as well.
I am in Georgia and the car has always been in the state so there is no rust. It’s all black with black interior and factory tinted widows.