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Dec 28, 2023
Hi everyone,

As the happy owner of a 2005 Prius of which I am extremely happy, I want to electrify my wife.
She travels about 50km a day to go to work, let's say 40% motorway and 60% extra-urban, she has light feet and both at work and at home we have the possibility of charging with a column and socket in the garage.
I live in Switzerland and I found 2 ads that would be right for me, both in terms of budget and km but I have no idea if they are convenient.
Both are p for one

NISSAN Leaf tekna 30kWh

The first model has 70,00km and is from the end of 2017 and costs CHF 9,900 which would be around €9,900, the second costs the same but has 63,000km and is from 2016 and costs the same.
Obviously the first one is better, but it's 300km away so I would drop by the first one which is 30km away to take it for a spin and get my first impression of driving then if I like it I would obviously buy the second one after having seen and tried it, but I wanted to ask you a few questions.

Is the price reasonable?
How long does a Leaf battery last?
Does the 2017 series have any problems?
Ant way to have an idea of the battery status?
Any other suggestions?

The announcement is this:


Thanks a lot to everyone
Do your homework.Read the buying guide on this site!!!!The white 17 is BAD!!! 5 or 6 Battery bars the bars on right side of dash screen starts with a red bar....for 50km commute you will need 10 plus because in winter you loose 25-35% of range.Keep looking and read the buying guide. pm me for more info,Bob 2011 leaf 2015 battery....
The 2016 and 2017 models with the 30kWh battery had some issues with their battery packs. They also had a known bug in the BMS software that incorrectly calculated (exaggerated) the battery's degradation. The degradation is often not as bad than the dash display indicates. The BMS software issue is a known issue and there should be an upgrade that a dealer can perform for you. There is also an issue with the battery packs themselves which I believe is a manufacturing issue. A complete analysis of the battery pack can be performed by a software app called "Leaf Spy" which is available free for download. There are versions of the Leaf Spy app for cell phones and tablets. The app requires a BlueTooth dongle which plugs into the OBDII port under the dash. Leaf Spy will tell you the state of the battery's health (SOH) and will display how well the individual cells are balanced (very important). It will also show which cells, if any, that are severely degraded. Unless you know the history of the vehicle and the Leaf Spy analysis is normal for the age and mileage, I'd stay away from 2016 and 2017 models. The white 2017 in your ad has what appears to be a severely degraded battery for a six year-old vehicle that has only 70,100km (43500 miles). If you want an early model Leaf (24kWh) I'd try to find a 2015. IMHO the 2015 models had the least issues and if taken care of will retain at least 70% of their battery health to 150,000km and beyond.
My nearly 10 year old Nissan Leaf is still going strong on the original battery. So far in that time I've only had to replace a flat tire, accessory battery, and the key fob battery (twice) which including taking in for battery checks has been around $500 total in maintenance. No gas vehicle can match the maintenance cost of electrics.

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Please read this buying guide before buying a used Leaf. If you don't live in North America, be aware that not everything written in it will apply.
Things You REALLY Need to Know When Shopping for a Used Leaf

The 24kwh "Lizard Pack" is found in 2015 and in some early 2016 Leafs. All 24kwh 2016 Leafs have it. The 2016-2017 30kwh Leafs represent a potential disaster for a prospective Leaf buyer. If you know nothing about these cars, I suggest that you avoid them unless they have 40kwh warranty replacement batteries installed.
My 2014 leaf arrives today. Please check insurance costs before buying.
Mine is costing much more than my replaced Jaguar, so, a leaf is not cheap to own, looking forward to the challenges ahead. Also factor in a home charger.