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Nov 7, 2023
Hi everyone, I am writing this to present a solution to a problem I had with my (ZE1) 2019 Nissan Leaf 40kwh, and was unable to find any solution online. Hopefully this may help others in a similar position!

Original issue: Cannot connect to nissan connect services, and also cannot connect to Wifi or do software updates via Wifi. Crucially, i had an icon on my central screen that showed a grey car with satellite waves coming out of it (i did NOT have a red line across it as others have described- this only occurred very briefly after I reset the 12V battery, but the line was gone within a minute).

Initial (failed) attempts: reset nissan connect through car, remove 12V battery for hard reset, factory reset of car, wasted weeks with online Nissan customer services that were less than unhelpful

Final (working) solution: took it to local Nissan dealer who, for £132 (UK) manually updated the software. Now nissan connect and Wifi both work.