5 years of 2015 LEAF SV Owner Ship and Maintenance Tip.

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Oct 30, 2017
I bought my 2015 SV late 2017 for $11,000 + $800 shipping from California to TN. It had 12 bars. It was 3 yr old LEAF that was leased, sold at Nissan auction and bought by a LEAF specialty dealer to flip. I bought it. Now 8 yrs old, 5 yrs with me, it is doing well. The 12 bars went to 11 bars a few months after I got it. Now it has 10 bars for the last few years years. Range about 80 miles and holding. LEAF SPY shows it holding pretty much capacity. Of course colder temps means less range and less Re-Gen. I just replaced the tires in part for age not tread which was still "legal". However I found a set of Fullway HP208 205/55R14's at a great price. Mounted, balanced all in less than $300. This was a year ago so prices have gone up.

I just put new tires on it. No other maintenance issues. The SV has NAV and to update the data base by NISSAN is dumb. My phone works if I need up to date info.

]TIP. I have parked my LEAF outside the last two years due to garage full of stuff. I have to work on that. Even though it is in drive not directly under tree STUFF has got in to nooks and crannies under the hood. A near by tree just started shedding leaves on my LEAF (ha ha see what I did). Of course some blow into the windshield wiper well behind the hood. I opened up the hood and removed them. WOW the little areas behind the hood hinges left and right were full of stuff there for some time. I even found grass which looks like a bird tried to start nest. The car is cleaned and cared for but these areas are hidden. . Took me 10 min to fish and vacuum that area out. Other areas around fuse box, battery, frame and wiring had some leaves....

Would I buy again? Well I have another car and owning two cars, insurance, annual registration (with $100 penalty for EV annual registration in my state for fuel tax revenue) is a luxury. Fuel savings is nice but NEVER will it pay for car, tax, annual registration and insurance. However my other car is a Diesel TDI VW JSW (Jetta Sportwagen). The VW is a keeper and gets 50 mpg and about 700 mile range per tank.

i could never just have an EV as my only car. On occasion I need to hop in the car and drive 300, 500, 700 miles in a day for pleasure, travel, personal. I dp that at least 4 or 5 times a year. I could sell the VW and rent a car for longer trips... But at this point the VW is paid for, depreciated, gets 50 mpg (yes diesel is awesome). Also the registration is cheap on the VW because it does have the $100 EV penalty fee.

INSURANCE. So owning two cars is a luxury. Again the EV is cheaper to run given low maintenance and charging at home vs current fuel prices. However it would never pay for it self. So I have dropped compressive on both cars. I am protected for damage to others but my car if damaged or totaled will be "You broke it you own it". Which frankly is OK.. Payout on older cars is pathetic.

So would I buy the used 2015 LEAF SV again? YES.I got a good deal and a $60,000 model S was not going to happen. Even used ones were $40K. It is great for all the local driving, but kind of f-ugly. LEAF is not a chick magnet. I enjoy driving the LEAF and VW TDI. Having the LEAF keeps the miles off my VW Diesel which is turbo and takes 12-20 miles to warm up even in summer. Most of my errands are way less than that. So it has been a good car for me. I plan on driving both for long as I can. The LEAF will be my driver until range is down to nothing. I would consider replacing the battery but to pay NISSAN cost is dumb high ($10,000 and still only a 24Kwh). When I retire from my day job I might make that a project and drop the DRIVE Battery and look at a DYI swap. The small 24Kwh battery replaced for one with more capacity would be awesome.

I really only "need" 80-100 mile range. Now I can likely go another 8-10 years easy and still have a LEAF that gets me around as I need. HOWEVER the state of BATTERY availability, cost, the World in chaos who knows. Not going to worry about it. Going to enjoy driving my LEAF. Paid for and all I need for local driving. THE BEST PART I NEVER COUNTED ON? I have to say NEVER having to go to GAS STATION... Or "The Stop and Robbery". It is a hassle, people get car jacked, robbed or worse, shot, I LOVE NOT GOING TO GAS STATION. I have a level 2 4.6Kw charger in garage. That is a MUST. I bought the Clipper Creak Charger used and installed it myself.
Toby said:
Do yourself a favour and clean out / reorganize your garage. Your car will love you for it, especially in winter.

PM sent come on over I need help. :D Yep I need to do me a favor and clear it out. HOWEVER I have another project, building a full sized kit aircraft. I need the room for that. As far as temp the garage is drywalled and the metal garage door is insulated. However it's unheated and not much warmer than outside, and we don't get bitter cold her in SW TN (well a week or three of sub freezing). Even 70 or 60 mile range is enough for me to drive around for a few days w/o charging. But I agree.... I need to get rid of the rats nest in there. I will admit more love for the VW.... so that is in the garage.
gmcjetpilot said:
I bought my 2015 SV late 2017 for $11,000 + $800 shipping from California to TN. It had 12 bars.
Oh, a fellow TN resident. What part of the state are you in, if you are ok with sharing? ;)
Your OP sounds a little like me and I know exactly what you are talking about with parking a Leaf outside, it sucks for many reasons, mostly what you said with the leaves and critters getting all over. I also have issues with the brakes rusting if I don't periodically drive it. In fact, with my '13 that sat for almost a month outside without driving, it cost me upwards of $1k for brake work as the brakes would occasionally stick after, giving me very poor range and heating up the rotors to spit sizzling temps :shock:
I had so much wanted to sell it before the winter but it's still sitting outside in the elements requiring 5-10 min to brush it off after every snow and shovel around it :( I am try now though to drive it least once/week but daily at least for a bit is probably best for any car, unless garaged but even then it should be periodically driven to avoid atrophy.
Like you my state has a very unfair "EV" tax that IMO bases my gas tax on me assuming I drive my Leaf about 15k-20k miles/year when in reality I'm lucky to drive 5k/year so I basically pay 3x the gas tax of a similar gas burner :x hard to drive 15k/year on a EV that's lucky to get 40 miles per charge. Speaking of charge, I had to chuckle when I read you are getting close to 80 miles of range on your Leaf, on my 11 bar Leaf I figure I'd be lucky to get 60 miles on the freeway and even less around town using heat, which is a must to keep the windows from icing up around here, on a full charge my GOM is lucky to show much more than 40 miles and again it's mostly just used for local errands.
Like you no way were saving enough money driving the Leaf for our short shopping and dining trips to pay for tabs and insurance but we still need an ICE vehicle for longer trips and heck, even across town.
Toby said:
Do yourself a favour and clean out / reorganize your garage. Your car will love you for it, especially in winter.

Heh. I don't use my garage for our car and I'm not going to start. The garage is ~ 500 square feet, easily worth $25k if not $50k to me in constructed space. Even if my cars degrade faster because they live outside, I come out way ahead money wise, not to mention having space for messy hobbies and tools. Guys (and some Gals) want a workspace. I would never give up mine for a lousy car.

There is one trade-off for us: we do not keep extra cars around because a car not used close to daily in my neighborhood invites rodent infestation. Now that I am retired this means only one car, and occasional inconvenience. Since I don't want to live in a parking lot, I'm good. My wife slightly less so, but she is adapting.