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May 3, 2023
I was having issues with my Nissan Leaf 2018 SV radio. I did a factory reset under the diagnostics menu (Map, Map, Map, Power, Power, Map). When I did this, however, I lost the predictive course lines for my backup camera. Pressing the Camera button doesn't do anything. I went back under the diagnostics menu and went to the Camera entry and got something similar to picture attached. It looks like there are a bunch of coefficients to adjust to get the lines back.
Would anyone who has a Nissan Leaf SV 2018 or beyond be willing to go to this diagnostics menu and post what numbers they have? You don't have to adjust anything, just copy down the numbers. I know it's tedious, just know you are doing a huge favor for someone.
Or, does someone know where I can get these numbers without having to pay for a dealership to adjust them?
I was not able to enter the diagnostic menu ('23 SV Plus). When you say "Power," do you mean the whole car power button, or the audio power button? Does the car need to be running or off? Any other details needed?