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Feb 6, 2023
Ok, I'm armed with with the Used Leaf Buyers Guide:
  • 2016 Leaf (not sure if it's S, SV, or SL)
  • VIN 1N4BZ0CP7GC313665 (4th character B, so it's 30KWH).
  • Price: $11,830
  • Miles: 90460
  • Capacity bars: 9
  • BMS update: unknown
  • Driven in hot states?: unknown


I plan to run leafspy on the car tomorrow, and check for BMS, vehicle history to check for hot states, title issues etc.

I am a delivery driver who drives around, 12k miles a year in San Diego, which is usually pretty moderate climate. What are my chances of losing a bar of capacity and so qualify for the 100k, 8 year, warranty and get a new 40 kWh battery?

(setting ethics aside for a moment) if I quick charge it regularly, can I increase the chances of dropping a bar?

If I don't qualify for the warranty, what the likelyhood it will meet my minimum standard of having 65 miles range per charge in 4 years?
There's another post where people are waiting a long time for replacement batteries or Nissan is just buying back the car. I've got a 2016 SV with 65,000 miles and 9 bars (71% SOH). I would evaluate the car on it's own merits and not count on a battery replacement.
We need that AHr reading to see how close you are to dropping that 4th capacity bar.
Another approach: if the car is in really good condition (excepting the battery), then you could negotiate a more reasonable price (I think it's too high either way) and put in your own 40 kWh pack down the road. Just depends on whether you want to keep the car long-term (like me) and the value you place on having a reliable EV.
I wouldn't touch it unless you know for sure it has the BMS update. Even if the BMS update has been done it is very close to warranty expiration so IMHO it's a big risk. I'd pass...
I will chime in to say I doubt that you would have 65 miles of range in 4 years unless you get a new battery. I also doubt that quick charging will hurt the battery enough to make any difference on warranty coverage with only a little over 9,000 miles left.