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Mar 5, 2024
So I got a Leaf (2020 62kwh battery) used, and it has 10500 miles.

I’m a wrench turner/tinkerer. So naturally I picked up Leaf spy app and a Bluetooth adapter to get a little more insight into the battery.

SoH seems good. ~ 96%. But. I have a low cell pair. It is odd because it has the biggest discrepancy at full charge (120-130 mv at high charge up to 100% charge). Under 50 mv delta at 25% SoC.

My concern is that the car isn’t getting the range it should. It’s not bad, but more like 190 miles on a full charge, even though it states 215 at full charge. I’m at 30% and going to bring it down to low battery state tomorrow to see what it can really reach for range when it reaches - - on the meter.

My normal driving will be just a few percent a day, so I’ll happily just use it and charge it lightly up to 80% and be perfectly happy most of the time.

But mainly I’m curious if people have insight into this behavior on the battery monitor in leaf spy.
Is this is something to worry about (from reading other threads, it seems like not so much) or something I can do anything about (also seems like no). Finally has anyone seen behavior like this where a cell won’t ever get up to the same level and the difference is actually more at high charge than at lower charge?
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If the cells are in fact genuinely faulty, then other than Nissan WTY, its not a straightforward thing replacing cells in the 62KWH pack. Theyre in big hard to get modules.
Just keep an eye on it and raise it with your Nissan dealer during the next service.