Bought a 2015 leaf with 21k miles on it cheap. Have some questions

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Nov 24, 2023
I have a Nissan Leaf I bought at an abandoned auto auction really cheap. I knew I was taking a chance but it only has a little over 21,000 mile on it. I was able to connect the slow charger to it and after charging overnight I am getting two solid blue lights on the dash and a third blinking. I noticed that I cannot get the car to run unless I hook up a battery jumper box to it. I noticed there is what appears to be samall battery under the hood. Is this a conventional battery? If so it is dead. The towing yard I bought it from said it sat on a dealers lot for almost 4 years. This makes sense with the low mileage. I took some pictures of the errors I am seeing on the dash but can't figure out how to post them. It does show a bunch of bars on the right and 81 miles on the display. If I leave the jumper box connected I can drive it around so I am going to look into replacing the dead battery under the hood once I figure out what it is. If anyone knows how to post pictures please let me know.

Welcome. Yes, that's a standard 12 volt starting battery. If you plan to keep the car, I suggest replacing it with a 12 volt automotive AGM battery, as they are more robust.
12 volt should be a standard group 51R. Recent post from me at on this.
Thanks guys I bought a LELink^2 Configurable Auto On/Off Bluetooth Low Energy BLE OBD-II OBD2 dongle to test the car with but when I try to download LeafSpy Lite to test with it says it is not designed for my version of Android. Has the developer not updated the program to work with Android 12?

Also, here is a picture of the dash along with some of the errors I hope are because the 12v battery is dead.
The 12 volt system does all the control functions. The little battery under the hood is a lead acid battery that will sulfate if it sits for a long period. If the battery sat for four years, it needs to be replaced.