Bought a 39K 2012, how is the battery condition?

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Oct 18, 2016
Suburban Washington DC

It's been over 5 years since I had a Leaf so I don't remember the number of bars that a healthy battery should have. How does this one look? Got it cheap enough that I could part it out if it's really bad.
When you're trying to sell a car (or anything), you can put any price on it you want. It's worth exactly as much as someone will pay for it.

I don't think anyone who spends time here or knows how to evaluate the Leaf battery SOH would pay $5000 for that car, but if the seller can find a naive shopper and not mention the degraded battery if the shopper doesn't ask...

Then in a few weeks we'll see a new Leaf owner making a first-time post here asking why their low mileage 2013 Leaf won't take them as far as they need to go.