Can leaf spy limit charge to 80%

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Feb 2, 2024
Hey there, just ordered my Bluetooth ODB from Amazon. Want to get two main things out of this, number one I want to check my battery health for charging habits and make sure what I’m doing is best for the battery. The other thing is I want to tell if this feature that they stubbornly took out of charging the 80% is available via leaf spy I have a smart charger but Wi-Fi is iffy on it and sometimes it won’t charge, or it’ll charge to a 100%. Cheers.
The easiest way is the charge timer, I usually just add a little extra time to the 75% charge time estimate
I am currently trying to make a littlle thing that can do this, by have a microcontroller communicating with the Leaf over the OBD2 port and then sending the info to my charger. Currently though I am stuck at communicating correctly with the ELM327 to get some data out of the Leaf...