Can Nissanconnect schedule charging timer via cell phone?

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Dec 13, 2023
Hello, I am browsing the Nissan connect App on my phone, I can only see "charging start" , but I can't find the "charging timer" , can I schedule the charging time with this App? I am asking this because I am a new used car owner and don't have EVSE charger yet. If I can't do this through Nissanconnect, I will go with a charger with smart feature. If so, I may just want a dumb one.
Thank you all for your response!
Within the hamburger menu (homepage, upper-right), is Climate Control, the temperature and timer is there.
Hi, thanks, I think that's to control timer when to warm up/cool down the car, isn't it? I am interested in setting up the charging time. It even doesn't come with a "Charge stop" icon.
There is no way to set or create a charge start/stop schedule on the app. This can only be done through the menu in the car.