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Aug 26, 2023

I am looking at buying a 2017 Leaf SV with the 30 kWh battery. The car has 80,000km on it and the battery capacity bars show 11 out of 12. However, when I scanned the car with Leafspy Pro, before, during and after a test drive, the SOH was 78.84%? Does this make sense to anyone. In the past, I have found the numbers of bars to match up pretty closely to the SOH%

Any insight would be appreciated!
It's probably on the verge of losing the next bar. The first bar is roughly 15% and each subsequent bar is roughly 7.5%. The numbers aren't exact so having 11 bars at 78.xx% SOH is not impossible although I'd expect it to be at 10 bars fairly soon. was derived from a table in the '11 service manual. It went away in later model years and I don't know if it ever came back.

What LeafSpy renders at SOH vs. the above, who knows? It's not like Nissan ever publicly acknowledged that value nor released any documentation on it. That said, we can compare notes and yes, it's probably close to being a 10 bar car soon.