Cargo area cover on 2021 and 2022 S trims? n/a?

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Jun 3, 2011
SF Bay Area, CA
Was looking at the specs tab of and noticed that for S and S Plus, cargo area cover is listed as - instead of even just A or O. That's pretty odd. Way back in gen 1 days (e.g. '13), it was optional on the S and SV trims. You could just buy it from a Nissan parts department and put in on yourself. I did that w/my 1st leased '13 SV and moved the over the used '13 SV I bought later.

Is it really impossible to put on the cargo cover on S trims on '22 as in it's lacking something or is blocked in some way? I noticed the same oddity w/'21:

If you look back at 1st model year of gen 2 ('18) at, it wasn't that way. It is Optional for S and SV and Standard for SL. I believe it was that way for most or all of gen 1. (And, S trim didn't start until model year '13.)