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Which one is the better buy the S or the SV+?

Positives for S:
Cheaper so the 7.5k rebate gets you a bigger discount

Positives for SV+:
Longer range, the battery will last longer.
Propilot Plus

It could be that the S will be unusable and unsellable in a few years, but it is about 8k cheaper which could cover battery replacement in the future, assuming they can be found.

I want the S+ but it is no longer offered.

It will be the second family car we also have PHEV for long trips.
The US press kit for the 2023 LEAF has a lot more details:


There's a lot more to the SV + than ProPilot Assist and a bigger battery pack.

These might be important to you, to name a few:

  • A more powerful 160-kW electric motor that produces 214 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque (S has 147 HP, 236 lb-ft)
  • A 100 kW input Quick Charge Port (100kW)
  • steering assist
  • Intelligent Cruise Control with Full Speed Range and Hold
  • electric parking brake
  • 8-way power driver's seat with 2-way lumbar
  • auto-dimming inside mirror
  • LED headlights and LED Signature Daytime Running Lights
  • ntelligent Around View Monitor, and Intelligent Driver Alertness
  • 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels
  • fog lights
  • leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • 6-speaker audio
  • heated front seats and steering wheel
  • heated outside mirrors
  • hybrid heater

The hybrid heater in particular will extend your winter range considerably if you live in a cold climate.
I've always liked the Leaf, now maybe I thought I could live with the much longer range with the 40kW pack in the S model. And it's so affordable!
Then I got to thinking...if range is reduced by cooler temps, that could bring that 150 miles down to say, 120. Then after a few years degradation takes another 20%,now you're down under a hundred miles, much like the original model. 150 miles is probably do-able for me, but under a hundred might pose a problem. If you want to do a road trip it could well be excruciatingly inconvenient having to stop every couple of hours to charge for an hour. Not looking good.

So, a plus then, right? There just aren't any. SMH. On to Chevy Bolt. Oh wait, they're nearly non-existent as well. Hmmm...well then just order a Model 3. Wait...$5G down and $650 a month for their cheapest one? Delivery next year? Uh, no. This all just isn't working at all.

I'm back on the market for a ICE. I think I'll just get a new Cadillac. And not the BEV one either. :mrgreen:
OP, I have a 2017 S and a PHEV. Whether an S will work for you all depends on your usage.

The Leaf (it's a 30kWh) is my 'around town car'. I keep the car charged between 80% and 20% as much as possible to extend the battery life so it has an effective range of about 80 miles for the way and places I drive it. With just a tiny amount of planning it does everything I need. If it won't I take the other car.

Around here, used 24kWh Leafs are still selling for $10k or more. I don't think a 40kWh Leaf will be obsolete anytime soon, and in fact I'd expect it to hold its value for as long as the car is in good shape. I think the evolution of EV tech has reached a point of slowing down since all the easy improvements have been made. And as with any technology, the newer stuff will be brought out first on the higher end products so the manufacturers can recoup their RnD investments as fast as possible.

Consider how many of your trips are < 100 miles. All those could easily be done by a 40kWh Leaf. Anything longer, take the PHEV.
Sorry you're so confuzzled.

Are you ?
Cwerdna can figure out what you probably meant, but lots of people (like you) come to this forum seeking basic advice and it helps to write legibly. Just like you try to write clear English.
Good point alozzy and CJBROWN.

Now I am convinced I want SV+, if only I can find one.

Other than the bolt, it seems the logical choice among EV cars, excluding SUVs. The teslas and the Niro/Kona are too expensive.