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Sep 27, 2023
So the first mod for my new to me Leaf was to change the horn. I really felt what was there was underwhelming and for someone in a big city, really not the best. It reminded me of something from a scooter would have.

Got off the bumper, it was really easy, and was really surprised at the number of plastic retainer clips holding up the bumper. I guess this is used to save weight, as opposed to metal screws.

Here is there little buzzer.

So I searched on eBay and basically my goal was to find a high/low horn, but I wanted something that had an OEM harness still attached. That way I can simply splice the harness wires and plug it into the horn. Found this one it was the cheapest and from a 2008-2011 Maserati Quattroporte.

They just bolted right up using the same Leaf bolt and it fit perfectly.

Much happier with the result.
Nice choice upgrading to a 24-volt truck horn for your EZIP Trailz bicycle! It must really grab attention out on the road. If you're ever considering adding even more impact, you might want to check out a train horn gun for an extra punchy sound.
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