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Sep 7, 2019
After reading the forums, it seems that the factory cargo cover wasn't ideal. First off was the price (~$300), then there is the issue if hitting your head. I really like the soft retractable cover from my Prius but that's not available. So I decided to build my own. The total bill is ~$27 and it took about an hour to make. I like the fact that I can fold it up if I have big cargo and it doesn't look too bad from the outside either. It's just black.

Final Product

This cover is 37" x 42.5", connected at six points around the trunk. This lets me remove it quickly and fold back as much as needed. The parts list is:

2 yards of black heavy-weight fabric = $6.00
Grommet/Eyelett kit = $14.00
2 sets of command hooks = $7.00

Pictures below.

Final fabric with grommets. The top has room for a future dowel to provide stiffness. Make sure you hem the have enough spare fabric to hem the edges. I folded the fabric over to form three layers so the grommets could grab properly. I bought two yards and it's about 45" in the short dimension (uncut).

Right Side:

Left side:

Grommets. I chose the silver ones so that they were easy to find on black fabric. :

Command Hooks:
This is a nice solution. I just tried to buy an OEM cargo cover, but it's (a) expensive and (b) on back-order. Does anyone know whether a different cargo cover will fit? For example, maybe Nissan Murano? I have a 2022 Leaf SV Plus, just bought in November (and loving it so far!).

There is a third-party company that makes cargo covers (and that happens to be only 10 miles from where I live), but it's not listing any products for 2022 models yet. I just sent them an e-mail to see if they might have something. I'll share what I found it.