E-NV200 and Leaf 40kWh LBC compatibility

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Mar 1, 2023
Hi Guys,

Does anyone know if the 40kWh LBC module from a Leaf is compatible with the E-NV200?

My partner has a 24kWh e-NV200 with 79%SOH. The 40kWh batteries seem to be rare as hen's teeth down this end of the planet (NZ).

I'm wondering what other options there are for doing a 40kWh other than a salvage 40kWh battery and a CAN-bridge. From what I gather, the 40kWh cells are the same form factor as the 24kWh cells.

Can I take the 24kWh battery shell, empty it of cells, then pack it out with 40kWh cells, fit a 40kWh Leaf LBC (relatively easily had), and then get a CAN-bridge?

If the 40kWh Leaf LBC has the same connector format and CAN-words as a 40kWh E-NV200 LBC, then I can't see why it shouldn't work.

Also, the E-NV200 we own is the 7 seat one without the active battery cooling.