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Feb 23, 2021
I have a Leaf N-Connecta 2020. with software version 283C30861E, map 17445_0_2 and nav18.06.06.
In theory the car should be able to do automatic map updates (for 2-3 years at least) via Wifi, or alternatively manually via USB.
The maps in my car are quite outdated now (at least by 1 year, apparently I have maps version 2020.something) because we have a new highway around here, with several changes also in surrounding most itineraries suggested by the navi are completely wrong.
Up to some months ago, whenever I tried a wifi map ugprade the car just replied that I already had the most recent maps.
Now it is a few days that when I try a WiFi upgrade the car shows a screen saysing "starting map update, please wait" (I'm traslating from italian, so the exact wording in English can be different).
Problem is, it stays stuck there for hours with no progress. I.e it doesn't work at if the map update server is dead/offline.
So I tried the USB way.
Apparently you should be able to do map updates via USB for 2-3 years, using web site this site has instructions and the software to do it.
But this one doesn't work either for me! When I prepare the USB stick on my car, the car creates and saves a folder named "AllianceNDSMapConfig" on the USB stick.
Then you download the "Map Update Tool" from that site (I got version Versione for Windows), run it and it should recognize the USB stick and save updates maps on the stick.
Problem is the tool says the stick is invalid. So I checked what the software actually does and it indeed checks the content of the stick, but instead of looking for a folder named "AllianceNDSMapConfig", it searches for a folder named "TomTomNDSUpdate" and, if it cannot find that folder, it just gives up. So there is no way that that tool works with my Leaf with its current firmware. EIther one is probably outdated.

Does map update actually work for you? Do you know where to find a "Map Update Tool" that accepts the AllianceNDSMapConfig folder created by Leafs with current firmware?
Searching with Google I found that some Renaults have a map update tool that indeed uses name "AllianceNDSMapConfig" (probably Alliance is the Nissan-Renault alliance) but I couldn't find a working Renault software either....
The file saved on the USB stick by the car also has some useful info, for example it seems to report that I should have free map updates until April 2022.

The same situation : Leaf Ze1 2021.06 map version:17445_0)4.
What is the wifi update option for when it is always says that I already had the most recent maps. :(

Same situation here in Holland about the TomTom updates.
Januari 31st (th?) the new Leaf Tekna was delivered. Driving the car gives a big smile, also the connect app is working well, the same holds for the instrument panel, but not for the navigation updates. The map has a roundabout nearby my home which has been replaced by a normal intersection with traffic lights more than 5 years ago!! So my 17445_0_4 map version is just an (very) old map. Updates through wifi gives instantaneously the message that "it's the newest version", so I don't think it's connecting with the Nissan data server to check for updates. Updates with the USB methode (via doesn't work. Furthermore on the TomTom site the Nissan Leaf is not mentioned as supported (a lot of other car brands (like Renault) are explicitly mentioned). The Nissan help center couldn't help, and tell me to contact TomTom. Nice service from Nissan...

I don't know what Nissan is up to with the TomTom navigation system for the Nissan Leaf, but something is wrong here.
had problems also …I just tried one map at a is USA it's by states or groups of states...after selecting just one state...the update worked.
I just updated maps on the new navigation/audio head unit installed by my dealer on Wednesday (volume and tuning knobs were not working on original) using Wi-Fi. I had previously updated the maps on the original unit a couple times also via Wi-Fi. It takes a long time even with a fast internet connection and fast router if all states are selected so it might appear to be hung up for a few hours.
Nissan Italia confirms this is a know defect of current software (so it is not a matter of slow connection). But after 4 months (I raised this in January) they still don't have a solution. They also claim they don't support USB updates, contrary to what the system menu offers and manuals states. Currently there seem to be no hope to get maps updates in any way, not even paying.
Maybe if everyone affected opens a support request, they will try harder....
I have the same issue:

I've been going round and round in circles with Nissan Connect support for 2 and a half months and I'm still nowhere.
I still have not solved this. My support ticket with Nissan is still open (10 months now). They have already asked me to take the car to a Nissan center five times, each time with no result (and a lot of my time wasted). Actually 2 times ago they did a full replacement of the whole infotainment unit because, they said, the unit was in locked-out status after their attempts to update maps (not very credible from my point of view) and that was the cause for failing updates, and there is no way to unlock it so they had to replace it. After the replacement I had both software and maps DOWNGRADED to older versions, with updates not working (not even the software one), and SIM ID missing. Last time they fixed the SIM ID and managed to do a software update to bring it back up to the version I had before the replacement. So now I have same software version but still with older maps than the ones I had before the replacement and updates still not working. So a big step backward. Also, before the replacement, the old unit did say new maps were available and failed to update them. Now the new unit just immediately says that the installed version of the maps is the latest one (which is obviously wrong).
They now claim (again) that another software update is expected in January (2023) and that it should solve the map update issue (they had told me the same last July). They have also declined my request for, at least, a discount on warranty extension.
Wow. That sucks. I don't even have a Leaf any longer and when I had a '13, the map updates were certainly not free. My former '19 Bolt (got bought back by GM at the 3 year mark, related to battery recall) didn't even have a nav system (not even an option). For maps, you had to use CarPlay or Android Auto. I used CarPlay with Apple Maps, Waze and Google Maps (I use this the least).

You could get some navigation via Moronstar but that'd a paid service but I never tried it for that.
What a disaster, almost a horror story! It's really beyond imagination that this update problem has still not been resolved by Nissan. WHY? Is the problem to complex for Nissan to solve it, or have they stop the support for the Nissan Leaf software? Also the lack of communication from Nissan is very disappointing.
I also drive a Volvo XC60, and I receive map updates about 10 times a year! .
About six weeks ago ago and without informing me Nissan downloaded a satnav/map update into my 2021 Leaf Tekna. Since then my screen keeps displaying 'the satellite navigation system is starting up' but it doesn't start up. My car dealer discovered that the download is incompatible with the system in my car and that Nissan cannot set the software back to the perfectly good system that was working fine before the download. Nissan say they are working on a fix but do not know when it will be ready or downloaded. Mean while I'm having to use Apple CarPlay and my iPhone and lightning cable which is a nuisance and unsatisfactory.
Few months ago I have upgraded maps on Leaf Tekkna 62kWh, that is what I did:

1) the most important thing:
firstly, go to update firmware menu, untick automaticly download upgrades, now check updates again, then install new firmware

2) after that go to navigation update menu and select update via USB and save map data files to usb pendrive

on your windows computer, install the newest version of nissan map update from:

after that insert usb from step 2) to your computer, the app will recognizes new maps (2022.06) and you are ready to go (download updates on usb and than you will be able to update navi inyour Leaf

the first step is the most important, new software update only could be finded only if you changed updates from auto to manual
qqzm said:
I have the same issue:

I've been going round and round in circles with Nissan Connect support for 2 and a half months and I'm still nowhere.

Just thought to come back and post an update.
Nissan eventually replaced the Entertainment Unit under warranty and the issue is now fixed. It successfully updates with new software and maps as they become available.