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Oct 10, 2023
I just bought a 2020 leaf in the «  business » trim (French), and it’s supposed to have CarPlay. I can indeed plug my phone in the car, which triggers the CarPlay peering process on both devices. I can see my car in the CarPlay menu of my phone, and I can see my phone in the peered devices in my car, but it never starts. The “phone” icon never changes to CarPlay, and it’s unavailable in the “apps” menu of the car.

After a few tries I figured that it perhaps needed updating, so I activated the hotspot mode on my phone and connected the car to the wifi, headed to the update menu which tells me that there is no connection, sending me to the wifi connexion menu where I can clearly see the connection to be active. This message is instant btw, it’s not like it tried to reach a server on the internet and just timed out.

It is infuriating that a car manufacturer can ship such a broken feature. It’s no less infuriating that at no point in the car lifetime a dealership decided to update the system to its latest version.

Now I’m stuck with a non functional infotainment and I’m wondering if there’s a way to update the software with an usb stick. I have been unable to find firmwares or instructions on Nissan’s website, no surprise there.
Hi, just a guess here since I'm new to the Leaf but have you tried connecting via BT instead of carplay? Even the BT connection is a little sketchy at times but it's more consistent than CP, which (luckily) only activates when I plug the phone in via USB to charge it.