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Apr 2, 2024
Just got rid of my Volt and went full EV with a 2019 SL Plus, should take care of most of my needs, but I have other cars to drive if I need to go long distance. So far I’m pretty pleased with the vehicle, been busy getting it set up the way I want it. Just have to figure out the pro pilot stuff.
Yeah I was running between 40 and 42 on the Volt, which helped a bit. Looking forward to driving it more to see how efficient it can be.
I’m kinda of going in the other direction, I have a set of stock size 17 inch snow tires to put on the stock wheels and a set of Juke 17x7 wheels to put some brand new 225/45-17 summer tires I have in stock in my garage from another car. I will have to see what kind of hit I get. Of course the weather has been terrible here so I’ve not been able to get the summer tires mounted. No rush, as it’s snowing today anyways, lol