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Apr 2, 2024
Hello - I just came accross this forum and wanted to join

I've had my Leaf from new since 2017 and its been the only car I've had from new - previously I was buying old seconhand ICE cars which I'd try and use for my commutes for as long as I could, but one year where I'd had 4 cars go kaput on me (a long 20mile grind of a commute in/out of Manchester) made me decide to get finance and buy an EV (which I'd long wanted to do)

Since then I've loved the car so very much and the only issue has been the UKs patchy charging network - but I've managed to clock up nearly 80,000 miles and been all over the UK so it's not stopped me.

Its a 30kw 'Black' model and has easily been the best car I've ever had. We don't have much money so getting a new car sadly isn't a possible, but we're hoping to keep running our Leaf for as long as we can.

The battery has started to finally slip - lost a bar just before Dec last year. I did get a LeafSpy but tbh I've no idea what most of the graphs are saying - hopefully I'll find some info on this forum to start understanding more what's going on there.

One thing that makes me happy though is reading how it is possible to update the battery, so 'hopefully' that could be a possibility in the years to come.

We're now based in Wales and the Leaf has not let us down (and the charge network has improved a little the past year - but still a long way to go) but we've managed to drive all over Wales (and up some glorious/scary steep and narrow lanes) and it's not let us down yet. We plan to retire here, so very glad to have a car that gets us around ok and hopefully once we've got solar panels on our home's roof installed we'll finally have what I dreamt of way back in 2016/17 - an EV with a way to charge the car on our own electric and that just glides us safely to wherever we need to go

So, hello to everyone on here and hoping to learn lots from you all
Hello Marceline, I only got my 2014 Tekna this week and like you I live in North Wales. I also used to comute to Manchester but am now retired. I still have not found a reasonable insurance quote, can you help?
I part exchanged my 275bhp Jaguar XF but insurance is cheaper than for this old leaf.