How loud is the fan supposed to be?

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Jul 22, 2023
I've had a 2015 for about a week, but I don't know if it is normal that the main fan runs _all_ all the time the car is turned on or plugged in.

The temperatures are moderate (18 - 23C) (64-70F or so). The car is not hot, ambient. I turn it on, sitting still in Park, the fan comes on, it is louder than an ICE. If I plug in the Level 1 charger, the fan comes on immediately, sounds like an ICE going 4000rpm.
I know all about the lack on active cooling, but it seems crazy that just turning on the car makes the Fan go full tilt. Likewise, considering the very modest amount of power coming in with Level 1, why is the fan on immediately as long as the charger plug is inerted
Is this normal? I hope not.
If not, what is the next step?

We have a 2014 Leaf SV. I don't know what's going on with your Leaf, but can tell you that ours doesn't exhibit any of the fan behaviors you have described. We have L1 charging at home in an unheated/uninsulated garage and I cannot recall ever hearing the fan running while the car was charging. Similarly, I don't think I've ever heard the fan come on when the car is "started" and in Park. My wife has access to outdoor L2 charging at her work and when asked she doesn't recall the fan running then either.

Hopefully someone with more direct knowledge will chime in as well.
I assume the fan is powered by a relay somehow and it sounds like the relay is stuck in the ON position. It is certainly not normal. You can find wiring diagrams and repair manuals for your car a so you might want to start there.
It kinda looks like the symptems match

and this is a case of a faulty coolant temperature sensor. I've ordered the part and will post updates