How often do you drive without ECO?

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I have pretty much always kept my car in the ECO setting, and I was wondering the other day how often people drive without ECO mode on their Leaf (I would guess rarely given so many of us are likely trying to maximize range)?
Hey there, yes, I leave Eco on all the time. Also, my leaf is a 2023 with 25K on it. I also use Rejen breaking all the time.
I drove in ECO my first four years or so in my 2012, starting in November, 2011. A service technician said I could get just as much mileage if I drove without it as long as I used awareness (esp starting at traffic lights).

I used to keep careful track of each trip back then. I did see about the same mileage, though on steeper hills I’d slip into ECO. I replaced my car (totaled in 2021 by someone who made illegal left turn into me) with a low mileage 2019. Gotta love a 62kw battery.

I don’t use epedal, I stay in D and flip to B at will. I use ECO only rarely- usually when I want a very slow start (uphill on a grassy or slippery surface). I don’t enjoy the “governed” feeling I get with ECO, though it was highly useful initially as I learned what instant power felt like.
"One weirdness with the e-pedal was I kept coming to a stop lik 20 feet behind the car in front of me. It annoyed other drivers, and it obnoxious when they pull in in front of you when you stop." Does anyone know what the brake light is doing in the e pedal mode? That does concern me?
Yes, I wonder what the brake light is doing when I'm running e-pedal. Does the brake light come on the instant I take my foot of the accelerator?
And to add to the stopping short, if you "feather" the e-pedal just before you fully stop, with ptactise you learn how to get a good spacing.