How to disable Voice Assistant on 2023 Leaf SV+?

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New member
Jun 14, 2024
North Carolina
Recently (within the past month or so) my Voice Assistant has gone crazy with announcements. Often for “Speed Checkpoint Ahead” this is usually repeated 3 or 3 times but occasionally there won’t even be an announcement, just the two-tone alert sound. Sometimes it will start an announcement but only get the first few syllables out. This tends to happen 3 or 4 times per hour and is really annoying since it will pause whatever entertainment I’m listening to and not resume it.

I only ever use CarPlay so don’t have any use for Voice Assistant and just want to turn it off.

I found one pane in the Nav Console where I can pick a voice type and volume etc. There is an “off/on” switch there but turning it off didn’t have any affect on the problem. I’m sure I’m missing some other screen but I don’t know where???
I’m having issues with audio in my 2015 Leaf SL . The volume drops way down intermittently. I’ve checked the balance and fade controls with no change. This morning the navigation voice started giving directions. I’ve had this car 1 1/2 years and never used navigation. .??