I-key error, with windows left down - usual causes eliminated, suggestions for next steps?

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Dec 2, 2022
So about a week ago my daughter was practicing driving my 2011 Leaf about our flat paddock, during her ride I took my car keys from her to move our other car (an ENV-200) and then forgot to give them back to her. She finished her driving and parked up, and turned off the car… forgetting to put the windows up. I went over to start the car and put the widows up… but it didn’t work.

The car has an I-key error (the dash is still in Japanese so that’s the only bit i can read) and i’ve tried all the usual suspects.

12v battery replaced, no effect on fault. have left the battery disconnected for over 24 hours, no effect on fault.

Key fobs: both work and the car recognises them: can lock/ unlock car remotely and using door buttons: and the car recognises when a key is in the car as it won’t let you use the door button to lock… gives the “ beep beep beep beep” warning that there is a key in the car. batteries replaced on these too.

Have had an automotive technician friend over with their workplace machine, can’t get any info as the comms bus is unpowered.

Have checked so the fuses, and even swapped around some of the relays to see if the fault changed(I thought i remembered hearing a repetitive ”clicking” sound coming from the larger of the two fuse boxs to the rear of the 12v battery immediately after i first tried starting the car and saw the fault… and still no luck.

We managed to jump the 12v in the passenger side fuse box center fuse column to the side column so we could at least put the car in neutral and push it mainly undercover… but still haven’t been able to get the electric windows to work at all! any ideas on how to get power to the windows would be of great help.

Have almost consigned myself to taking the car to an auto electrician, but thought i’d ask here if anyone has had similar faults with any suggestions. Also the car a japanese import, i’m in New Zealand and it is a right hand drive model.