Im looking at buying a 2015 leaf. What do you think of the leafspy ??

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Jun 12, 2024
austin, tx
The car has 58k miles and has 11 bars (out of 12)

I'm concerned with the spyleaf battery view where some cells show all red?

The range is 72 (without AC)

has a few DTC's ?

Thank you for the help .. Ed


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The comment about the red lines in the graph....that is just showing you that the "red line" cells are trying to balance itself with the "blue line" is NOT an error or fault in this scenario you have is ONLY 21mV of a difference between the "lowest red line cell" and the "highest blue line cell".

That same graph picture, shows you at the top, that the SOH (state of health...of the battery) is 73.55%...for a 9 year old car....I am not sure if that is a good or bad figure for the age of the car.....I am sure others will chip in with their thoughts on that one.

I can't help you with the DTC's though....not sure if they are easy fixes or not?
Only 21mV difference is fairly good (best would be 5mV when new, but highly unlikely on older pack).

Most of the DTCs seem to be related to an old, weak or worn out 12V battery. The small connector at the 12V Negative terminal can be disconnected to get the DCDC to charge at 14V and fully charge that battery. For best results, a lead acid battery must be kept fully charged at all times.
you may luck out, this looks like a slightly better car than our better-of-two 2015 Leaf S's

don't have Leafspy myself yet -- it's on our wish list .. got the second Leaf when we thought the first one had a serious battery problem -- turned out it was just a glitch, but the price was right and in fact it's been great to have that second one when we had to go up and down the mountain twice in a day (we have a Chademo socket but don't QC; the Level 2 at Home Depot if we need it but in that case we had two trips back to back) -- here, charging during 9A to 5P is 1/3 the cost of electricity other times, so "overnight" is out of the question

so the black Leaf runs up and down to town while the white Leaf soaks up the charge .. our home Level 1 gives us about 7% battery charge per hour

even at altitude it gets hot here, we try to charge in the morning when we have 5 bars of battery temp; avoid when the battery bars are at 6 (when we've just come back from driving back up the hill) .. luckily have never seen 7 bars though we worried when daytime temp at sea level (in town) was pushing 87 ...