Is my 2015 leaf to old for software updates

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New member
Aug 22, 2022
Isle of wight
Hi all

From 25/8/22 my uk 2015 leaf is be delivered

My question is can I update software and firmware to bring it up to 2022 latest software if possible

I do not know what version is on the car until it,s delivered if anyone can tell me how I can go about checking this info

Thank all :D
Your car is not too old for software updates. That does not mean that there is an update for you. Ideally, they would do adequate testing and get it right before they start production. Then there is no need for updates. I used to work for an EV manufacturer (not Nissan) that would rush product to production without adequate testing.

I suspect that the 2022 hardware is different from yours and the 2022 software might not work in your car. Ideally there would be a mechanism that prevents loading incompatible software. I don't know if that is the case.