Just ran across this video. Don’t know what to think

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Spam spam wonderful spam.

"What Exactly is CATL’s Condensed Battery?Elon Musk Announced NEW CATL's Condensed Battery. 1800 Miles Of Range!!!CATL has unveiled its latest innovation, the condensed matter battery, at Auto Shanghai, marking a significant leap in battery technology. With an astounding energy density of up to 500 watt-hours per kilogram, this battery achieves both high energy density and high safety standards simultaneously. To put this into perspective, a conventional lead-acid car battery offers about 50 watt-hours per kilogram, while a lithium-ion EV battery, like those in Tesla Model 3, can hold up to around 265 watt-hours per kilogram. CATL's new condensed battery boasts double the energy density of nearly anything else on the market and more than double that of Tesla's standard batteries in the Model 3 and Model Y. This means that installing this battery in any vehicle could effectively double its range " Yada yada yada...

CATL is a Chinese company, Elon Musk buys stuff from them. As do Ford, GM, BMW and others. So why mention Elon Musk?

The announcement of yet another lithium ion almost solid state battery by CATL (not Elon Musk) last year and a test flight of a small plane powered by these cells is interesting long term, no doubt, but Youtube is full of trashy clickbait. You found some.


Smells like the usual blather. I'm not even gonna watch it.

CATL or some other company will eventually make a significantly better battery. I equate significantly to >40% existing energy density.

Until it's on the street in a production vehicle, I take all battery claims with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Where Musk is concerned, the BS meter is usually off the end.

Even after it's on the street, it needs end-user validation. Remember that laptops and cellphones would occasionally burst into flames. More recently, Chevy Bolts would occasionally burst into flames. (Things got better.)

Sagan's standard: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.