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I just went through a key fob battery replacement exercise. New Duracell 2025 did NOT work! Rayovac 2025 did.
I did the same a couple of years ago. The new Duracell did not work in the Leaf key fob but was sufficient enough for a digital tire pressure gauge. Different manufacturers tweak their designs for specific applications. The best batteries for key fobs seem to be Energizers.

Buy batteries from stores that have a rapid turnover. The last ones you want are those that have sat in storage for a few years.

One more thing. Random radio waves can interfere with key fobs. If your key fob acts up every time you visit a particular location something is generating RF noise.
Amazing how these posts get off topic so quickly. Started off discussing key fob batteries, and got moved off to 12 volts. Doesn't anyone pay attention? At any rate, I note that it was mentioned that fob batteries were being replaced with 2025's. Why don't you put in a 2035? Fits perfectly, and lasts much longer.
The question was why the weird behavior of the fob was happening. I was told if it wasn’t the fob it might be the 12v. So I was wondering if I had to replace the 12v which one I should get? So still the original question
I think you mean a 2032 battery and it is slightly thicker than the 2025, .7mm, but I'm sure should work and if you say it fits perfectly I'll take your word for it.

I did recently get a warning on the dash that it was time to replace the fob battery in my 2022 SV, which was a little over a year old with light usage, and thought about using one of the 2032's I had available, but also had a 2025 so went ahead with it. Like you say, the 2032 will last longer and of course is the same voltage. I always check a new battery with a volt/ohm meter before replacing.

I've been using the Sunbeam brand 2032 battery sold at the Dollar Tree Stores for many years and have never had a issue with them, 3pk for $1.25.
I thought it was a 2032 at first too but I bought a 2025 and it worked. This doesn’t negate your statement. The first battery may have had problems
What year is your Leaf? Our 2014 definitely has a key slot, at least in the driver's door.
The coin batteries should last a long time, but I suppose it's possible to buy a dud. Were you rough when you snapped the key fob open and closed? I've seen them get damaged from aggressive prying.
I did find a single keyhole eventually in the drivers door handle. Only one on the car. I’ve never used it , never seen anyone use it.