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Sep 19, 2011
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. . . Building upon the Sportage HEV, the turbocharged Sportage PHEV offers outstanding efficiency, with a 13.8-kWh battery and targeted all-electric range (AER) of 32 miles. . . .

Sportage PHEV augments the Kia subcompact SUV lineup with two design-focused X-Line trim levels that come standard with all-wheel drive. The Sportage PHEV is planned to go on sale in the third quarter of this year and pricing will be announced closer to the vehicle’s on-sale date.

Power for the 2023 Sportage PHEV is supplied by a 1.6-liter, 177-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, supplemented by a 66.9-kW electric motor and 13.8 kWh lithium polymer battery. A 6-speed automatic transmission with selectable drive modes is standard, as is Downhill Brake Control (DBC).

Charging is accomplished courtesy of a 7.2 kW high-efficiency on-board charger, with the best possible power density at 1.53 kW/l. When connected to a Level-2 charger, the Sportage PHEV will take approximately two hours to fully replenish its battery.

Integrated Electronic Brake (IEB), standard on the Sportage PHEV, combines hydraulic pressure generation and control functions. Linear braking feel is realized by the electronic control using the motor, and the Sportage PHEV offers a higher recovery rate of regenerative braking, versus its competitors, Kia says. EPA fuel economy ratings for the Sportage PHEV will be announced closer to the vehicle’s on-sale date.

The Sportage PHEV is offered in two comprehensively equipped trim levels: X-Line PHEV AWD and X-Line Prestige PHEV AWD. X-Line styling cues blend sporty and rugged exterior features, including unique front and rear bumpers with a satin chrome surround; side mirrors, roof rack and window surrounds finished in gloss black; and 19-inch, gloss-black alloy wheels.

Sportage PHEV models are fitted with numerous standard ADAS features, including . . .
followed by a long list.

As with the RAV4 Prime, this is the kind of PHEV GM should have introduced instead of or alongside the 2016 Volt - they would have cleaned up. Now, we're probably no more than 7-8 years away from full ZEVs having the price, range and infrastructure to handle just about all driving tasks, and with gas prices apparently going to stay high here for a while yet, the cost advantages of a PHEV aren't as good.

I also wish that Kia had kept the Sportage the same size as the preceding generation (176.4" long) instead of increasing the length by 7.1 inches to 183.5", making it even longer than the RAV4 Prime (180.9"). Hopefully they'll be able to substantially undercut the Prime's price due to the smaller battery and thus reduced AER, which is still enough to handle the average U.S. commute albeit with no room for degradation.
It sounds promising, but has Kia or even Hyundai ever produced a PHEV that's not either vaporware or generally available to a handful of people in a very limited number of states?(basically compliance cars).......
Long story short, with Kia I'll believe it when I see it because what I've seen from them in the past is something that looks good on paper but when you visit your local dealer, you'll be steered towards something else such as a hybrid(no ability to plug it in) or simply an ICE version :x