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Oct 23, 2019
For Parts a Red Nissan Leaf 2012 SV, near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. It has the cream colored interior. I think it was somewhere in the higher 90k miles. The seats are covered - they aren't in perfect condition but I don't think terrible either. It was never in an accident as far as I know, I've had it since 70k miles. Here is what is NOT available:
- traction battery - still on the car so far, but would like to keep it. It's at 55% SOH so I may consider selling if someone offers something manageable
- OBC - on board charger gave up. I had tried to fix it, but was unsuccessful
- PTC heater went out
- bumper, hood and right fender I've used on another Leaf
- a bracket that holds the charging port

I think all the rest should be there, though I've taken some stuff apart... If possible, I would prefer selling it as a whole.
Thank you!


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