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Mar 9, 2018
I am running LSP 0.53.194 on a 2018 SV with a Fire HD10 tablet (no GPS).
I am using an app for the GPS receiver called Bluetooth GNSS and it is connecting to the receiver ok.
For GPS I am using a Garmin GLO2 receiver, both for Google Maps and (hopefully) LSP.
Maps works ok but LSP display GPS not enabled on screen 4.

I have enabled mock locations to Bluetooth GNSS app in developer options as well.

Does LSP use this type of interface for GPS or does it only look for a hardware GPS in the tablet?

Also have been using a Samsung SMT510 tablet with similar setup and LSP indicates GPS not enabled on screen 4, but it is as it works with Google Maps.
Anyone with Leaf Spy in Oakville/Burlington area please ready to help me. I can drive to a meeting point closer to you. thx