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Carli Steiermarker

New member
Jun 21, 2024
I now own a 2020 Leaf with 30k miles. It is the plus version and averages on most trips to Denver about 215-220 miles per charge. I'm going to do a day trip in the next couple of weeks and I am curious how the higher elevations - I live at 6,700 ft - will affect the mileage? If anyone has been to Crested Butte, CO which is 115 miles from my home I'm interested in your Leaf performance? We plan to arrive in Crested Butte before lunch, then get a charge while exploring the town and doing a simple walk. Likely hang out about 3-4 hours. Then drive back the same day. Any tips or cautions about this length of trip where we will have an elevation gain of 4,000 ft or more?

Since it's not well known (but true) that air resistance is the biggest parasitic drain on energy at highway speeds, I'm inclined to believe that your range - after subtracting losses to climbing - will be better at high elevations. And with no fuel burning system to get out of calibration, there should be no change in range for mechanical reasons.