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May 31, 2014
I have a 2012 LEAF which doesn't show my street nor most of the streets in my area (subdivision came after 2012). The local Nissan dealer said that the map cannot be upgraded. Does anyone know if this is correct, or if not, how to go about it. I find it strange that the map places the charging point on my map (without any street!) so it knows enough to do that.
If you're in the US, that's correct.

NissanConnect Navigation Update | Nissan USA will take you to Navigation Map Updates | Nissan Leaf | HERE.

If you click on 2012, this will come up:
"The map update for this navigation system is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase through this site or at dealers/distributors.

Please note: Map updates are typically offered for approximately 5 years after the last year the system was sold on new vehicles.

Thank you."

If enabled, when you charge somewhere, the car can auto-add the charging station to your map. There's a nav system setting for that behavior.
I'm actually in Australia so it seems to be universal. Des anyone know if it is possible to get a third party map upgrade?