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May 25, 2022
Hello! Nice to meet fellow Leaf users.

A little background on why I've decided on a Leaf than a ICE/hybrid.
My professor and classmates a few years back had EVs b/c its cheaper due to the cost of electricity in comparison to petrol products.
ICEs are not common in Norway due to their infrastructure and I'm sort of hoping in studying near Switzerland basing off smart grid/renewables/power production in the future to add onto my associate's/cert. Inspiring how infrastructures are made to be for Norway allowing costs of EVs to be less than ICEs there.

I was wondering of a few things as soon as I've been using my Leaf for traveling to work that is enough for 5days of travel(62 kWh/215 miles)
I noticed that the % of charge (71% = 189 miles/215 miles) which I find odd.
Is the driving range meter just off or... is my car able to travel more than it actually says online/dealership???

Additionally, summer is coming which means the temperatures range from the mid 70s to the high 90s. Are there any tips in preserving the car's battery degradation at work? (located near shaded trees, but the car can still get hot at 77 F for 9hr, losing -5 mileage).

Lastly, potentially adding a new thread/post of accessories that'd be nice on the Leaf would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of getting more cargo trays/nets.
The driving range meter is just off. It is affectionally known as the GOM, or guess-o-meter, by many. If you went 215 mi with 62 kWh that means you are getting about 3.5 mi/kWh which is fairly normal. A lot depends on the topography of your driving but if it's flat and you're not going 60+ mph I'd think you could get closer to 4.0 mi/kWh or even more. A lot depends on technique so if you want to maximize the efficiency try to coast when possible, time nay stop lights, limit your acceleration, etc.

For the summer season, try to park in the shade as much as you can. The worst thing for the battery is to leave it at a high SOC for long periods at high temperatures. So if you must park in a warm spot, try to keep the SOC below 70% when the car is parked. Charging warms the battery so if you can charge late at night or early in the morning when the battery is cooler that will help keep it at a lower temp as well.
Thank you, I appreciate the response.
To add on, I've been able to preserve the car's battery driving range of -2 miles than -5 miles with car shades and parking near trees at my work. Although the heat inside the car above 78 F was a lot, taking out -3 miles after 2 hours.

Any tips on preserving battery when using air conditioning/heater?
- I tend to activate the automatic climate control system set at 70 F, running at fans speed 1-2 out of 5.

Additionally I use the ProPilotAssist mode when I am on the freeway/highway running at 55-75mph. Which uses quite a bit of about 3 miles driving range from to work.
-SV Plus 2022 model, might relate to SL Plus or S Plus w/ technology package iirc.
Using the A/C should cause only a 2-3 mile drop in range. Using the heat can cause the same - if the heat pump provides it - or much more if the resistance heater provides most or all of the heat.
LeftieBiker said:
Using the A/C should cause only a 2-3 mile drop in range. Using the heat can cause the same - if the heat pump provides it - or much more if the resistance heater provides most or all of the heat.
I've done a little bit on research and have confirmed it uses a hybrid heater system w/ a heat pump.
Thank you. So far its been the A/C & the heater that uses less than the 'Auto' mode bc it sets the fan speeds at way more than the 1-2 out of 5 fan speeds I use.