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Dave Hargreaves

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Jun 22, 2024
I own a 2018 leaf SV, 60k km. I get about 240km on a full charge of 100%. I've read that, to preserve the battery I shouldn't charge over 80%, yet I haven't learned how to stop charging at 80%. I generally charge overnight using the charge preset for time window. Anyway, I'm learning lots from the forum. Thank you.
My approach lately has been to keep one of the car's timers configured to a five hour window (1:00-6:00 AM) and not charge every night; if I refrain from plugging in until I'm at 30% or less, then it never goes much past 80%.

On the other hand, if planning to make a significant drive the next day, I plug in regardless of what the state of charge is. Because if it gets up to say 95% that next morning but I'm about to go a hundred miles, then the battery is not going to be in a high charge state for very long so I don't worry about it. In general I treat the 80% number more like a guideline than an actual rule, arrrrr.

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edit - I just realized you are talking about a 40kwh battery, so my numbers would be off for you. Maybe a 3 hour charge timer would be a better starting point, if charging at 6.6kw.
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I just look at the screen that shows me the time needed to charge up (at 6.6kw) to 75% and give it another 10 minutes or so beyond that time. Usually works out pretty close.