New wheels for ZE1

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Dec 8, 2023
Got new wheels mounted today. They are 17x7.5 wheels 40et offset. Weight is 15lbs vs oem 26lbs (17x6.5).

One hang up was the tpms sensors the valve stem apparently one time use. Anyone know where to get new valve stems or do I have to order new tpms sensors? Also the front axle extend past where the center cap fits so will I have to run spacers? 1000003562.jpg1000003565.jpg
What brand/model wheel is that? Interested to see if your efficiency changes with just a wheel swap.
They are some no name BBS knock off wheels which I assume are made in China. Found them on eBay for dirt cheap. Supposedly forged as well. They were only $116/each shipped after tax with the promo they had at the time. They are currently $116 on eBay. Shipped through Amazon.