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Sep 20, 2018
I did a lot of reading on efficient driving strategies with the Leaf but I wanted to post how I am driving and the miles/kwh I am achieving and see if I could be doing anything better. I would appreciate any comments.

I am driving in what I term "manual e-pedal" mode. What I mean by that is, I try not to use the real brake, but I drive most of the time in regular D mode, since it offers the most responsive drive. Whenever I need to slow down I basically try to predict if I can just cruise down in D mode, or need some additional braking from B mode or if I need more brake then I flip the e-pedal on. I use the real brake pedal only for sudden - non-predicted events. I accelerate non-aggressively in D mode. I drive 65 miles/hour on freeway, traffic permitting. I keep safe distances so that I do not need to brake hard.

Here is what I have achieved on my last 3 days of commuting etc. 35 mile round trip: 25 miles highway (medium to heavy traffic) and 10 miles local city streets.

Weds 78.9 miles, 4.5 miles/kwh, 3.8 hours travel time
Thurs 114.4 miles, 4.6 miles/kwh, 3.9 hours travel time
Friday 71.5 miles, 4.9 miles/kwh, 3 hours travel time

Should I be able to get over 5 miles/kwh on this type of commute?

Appreciate any comments - thank you!!


Driving 2018 red Nissan Leaf SV w/ tech package, ~400 miles per week
One thing you can add into the mix is coasting in neutral down hills. If you don't need to brake, coasting is more efficient than regen.
I do not believe in that "epedal" thing.. I Think it is another gimmick that will make you work more, worry more and fiddle with more.

Regen does not give you much benefit unless you are coasting down a long mountain hill. Also, that epedal will drive you crazy in trying to estimate "will I stop in time" in traffic, and I think it is potentially dangerous. You can get a good amount of regen by driving the car in a relaxed, normal way, and applying the regular brake pedal as needed.. If you check your regen gauge, you will see that the brake pedal itself does regen..

Also, If you want the best mileage, keep your speed at about 55, and you will get the best mileage. I get between 5-5.5 miles/KW on my car, and I have an older 2015.. Have fun. Relaxed driving and lower highway speed makes best performance and easy on the nerves......