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May 30, 2023
I bought a leaf 2018 in june last year,

and at some point I heard about Nissan connect and decided to install the app on my phone. I had to send ownership proof and once that was done, i had acces to the app and services( start climate control remotely, lock unlock doors, ... )

The thing is, I never actually entered payment information or was asked for it. It just seems to work...
I am wondering, how is that possible? is it a free trial when you purchase a used vehicule and Nissan see that the ownership changed?
Is it possible that I am running on a subscription of a past owner that has not yet run it's course? My subscription info says that the premium package I have ends in june 2024.
I am glad to be using it, but would not want to get a letter saying I owe a large amont of $$ at some point in the future...

Normally, is it monthly CC payments or is it something else?

thanks for your help!!
You get full app access for the first 3 years after registration. After that you get basic service only which is checking battery SOC and turning on/off climate control. That is until Nissan drops the service entirely which my guess would be 3 years after the last Leaf rolls off the line next year.
Checking SOC and turning on climate control are the very 2 features that I depend on.
I didn't know that yet when I acquired my 2018 last year, so I signed up for the full boat subscription.
I have since ended the paid subscription and it has had no impact on how I personally use the app.

I probe for the SOC at some point in the early evening. I do the quick math and determine how long I want to charge the car at ~6.6KW (28amps/240V)
I use another app to launch the EVSE and set the output and timer. (start time/stop time & output in Amps)

And on the rare cold mornings, I use the Nissan app to turn on climate a few minutes before I leave.

I've really enjoyed the car since I acquired it a few months ago. It's been pretty much flawless and ridiculously inexpensive to operate.
I'm located in a very rural area, but with a healthy AT&T cellular presence.
I'm guessing the Leaf is ATT in USA?

I also have an F150 Powerboost (Hybrid) that relies on AT&T LTE for OverTheAir updates. It has succeeded for the 2 years that I've owned it.

Yeah, I'm lucky in both instances. Especially considering I'm in the middle of nowhere relative to modern internet technology.
Some trims since 2018 use Sirius satellite. I'm fairly sure my 2018 SL does, and it's awefully, frustratingly and unbelievably unreliable. Not sure if it is because of the satellite comms, or the Canadian Nissan servers regardless of the remote tech. Someone could confirm.
I can tell you my 2019 is NOT getting commands from the app through's cellular connection for data. Maybe Sirius manages the program, but not communicating via would never work in my garage, as it does now.
There are major cellular network outages in the USA today and Sirius has been having some problems in the past 24 hours too.

That's probably why I cannot connect to my 2020 SV+ today, although it is never a sure thing.

Anyone else also not being able to refresh charge status or remote control climate via app? 2018 owner here...never had outage last this long going on 3 weeks. Two different phones.
Was on phone with Nissan Connect Support. Rather good customer service. Appears as though 1 of my 2 LEAFs is now updating status again after I forced the acceptance of data transmission agreement in the vehicle menu. It immediately updated the status right after. The 2nd 2018 LEAF that is 7 months newer still has not updated even after same procedure. Calling again tomorrow.
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