Can you preheat Nissan Leaf without being connected and charging?

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Apr 25, 2024
Can you remote control the heating via an app without having the charging cable connected? I'm considering buying a Leaf, but remote heating the car via the app without being connected via the charging cable is an absolute must for me. I live in Norway where it's cold. If my car is parked somewhere and it has snowed and the windows have ice on them I want to preheat my car. Is this possible?
They have an onboard timer that can be set, there is also a wireless connection, but depending on how old and what cell systems are active in your area, it may or may not function.
The onboard timer will always work, you set when you want to heat and it will.
That said however, if you pre-heat without being plugged in you can greatly reduce the driving range.
I don't pre-heat even when I have the option, it gets cold here also -20F, but I have a 2015 and a small pack so don't want to give up any of the range in the cold. I do park under cover, however.
If you use the power to pre-heat, it will not be there for the traction motor. With capacity drop in extreme cold, I feel it isn't worth it.
If you are only going a few mile in town, and can afford the loss of range, then may be it is worth doing.
If it's a MY Leaf that supports Nissan Connect, the short answer is yes. You can do it with a time to start with a set temperature or simply start immediately which I believe appears to default to 22C.