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Nov 28, 2022

My dad has Nissan Leaf which was purchased around 5 months ago. Last week it gave him an error on the screen saying "T/M system malfunction". I looked up this error on the Internet and seems that the culprit was a dead 12v battery. He went to the dealer and they confirmed the 12v battery is dead and replaced it for him and the car was fine.

Today (28/11/22) he has the same issue all over again and he is currently waiting for the tow truck. On the screen, he has the same error as above and another two errors saying "Key system fault" and "Not available".

Did this happen to someone else please? If yes, what was the problem? Thank you
Welcome. There are several possible reasons for a drained 12 volt battery, and it's a common problem. Leaving it plugged in for many hours after charging ends is one common cause. Using the Accessory "key" mode when the car is not in Ready mode (yellow-green icon of a car lit in the dash display) is another one; always use the normal, ready-to-drive Ready mode to run accessories. The Acc mode shouldn't even be there. Lots of very short trips, with heavy use of the ventilation system and the lights, can also run the accessory battery down.

If none of these are the cause, then the car may have a 'phantom drain' that is pulling too much power from the 12 volt battery when the car is off. I'm on my way to bed, but I'm sure that some kind soul will post a link or three to topics on this issue.

The car is at Nissan right now checking it out. To be fair I have the same model as my dad's and till now did not have such an issue BUT I am suspecting I might have and tonight will be installing Leaf Spy and checking it out. I have a dash cam that keeps on recording after the car is switched off. The dash cam will automatically switch off when it detects that the 12v battery has little charge left. Yesterday, after I have been driving for about 2 hours, the dash cam switched off after 5 minutes from when I switch off the car which is very very odd. It has been doing this intermittently but thinking about it makes sense to me that the 12v battery might not be charging properly.

The dealer got back and they are going to change the BCM and see if the problem persists.
Unfortunately, changing assemblies until the problem goes away is classic dealership behavior. As long as the car is under warranty it wouldn't hurt to let that try that, I guess...