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I am having an unusual (I hope) amount of trouble to download on my iphone. I can find it but not download it. Dont know what I'm doing wrong. ordered a dongle . I'm having the dealer print out of HV batt health and number of L3 charges as well as the battery mfg date. What I havent found yet is anyone's experience with nissan's extended warranty. Some mfg's are more responsive than others.
Odd. Perhaps you have run out of memory. A 6s is going to be very slow running apps. I’m typing this on an ipad6 (I think they’re up to 14 now) and there are issues waiting for it to do things. Still runs the latest OS though.
A quick aside about the Leaf cargo cover: unless you enjoy repeatedly bashing the bridge of your nose on surprisingly sharp surfaces, pick up a piece of pre-slit rigid plastic foam pipe wrap, and fasten it firmly (or it will work it's way off) to the rear edge of the cover.
Or simply remove the cover and stow it elsewhere! So much easier to load without the cover and I always have blankets in the car anyway...saves energy on heater use as well and fits into the hole at rear of cargo area.
I hope you are as pleased with it as I am with mine. It is all about matching the tool (Vehicle) to the task, If you get a good match, it works well.
Most reliable car I have ever owned. Reminder...on my 2019 (45K) there was a recall on the rear camera which was posted earlier. Called the dealer in the course of getting a 'routine' service (nothing to service because cabin filter and brake system had been flushed last year) and Nissan still has not given dealer the 'fix' on the recall. Still have full battery life according to on board sensor...charge to 80% max unless I am on a road trip and then sparingly use Level 3 chargers. Realistically 200-215 miles of range according to dash gages and actual driving.
They sell cargo covers for nissan leafs? The one that covers up your luggage ? Is There a salvage yard anywhere in New England that has these cars? Yes, I know NY is not in New England...
I have a long history with toyota ice cars. remarkable longevity and reliability. I have an Avalon (2005) with 244000 miles. It has a powersteering leak and a couple of other things that need fixing. My main problem with the car is $225 a month for gas. I drive 1800 miles a month back and forth to work. Also with the miles piling up one day something will explode. I really want to stop paying for gas at this rate and I'd love to drive an electric. I'm reading what seems (to me) to be lots of 'leaf won't start' and 'hv isolation' warnings and the like. Quite a few of these problems result in extended stays at dealerships that 'might' end up w a loaner for the duration.Or the owner having to do quite a bit of repairing themselves.
I need this car to be very reliable. I ride motorcycles so I understand keeping a small 12v battery charged up. I am looking at a '20 SV + with 50k miles. A big concern is the dealer who has it is not a nissan shop. So no one to show me any HV battery diagnostics. I have ordered a dongle but am having trouble downloading leafspy. I wont have either by tmrw when I see the car. Am I worried for no reason? Are these cars quite long lived and reliable and I'm just seeing several "problem cars'?
Please give me your opinions, gentleladies and gentlemen!
I drive a 2016 with the 30kwh battery. The car has been quite reliable, but the traction battery has degraded to ~20kwh (8/12 bars). (I have heard the 30kwh battery was one of the worst Nissan produced.) But, the electric driving experience is so much better than ICE, I will continue to drive it and put up with the inconvenience of sometimes having to charge in mid-trip, until I can afford a 40kwh battery replacement. I grew up (choking on smog) in L.A., so I am very concerned about all the crap that is going into the air.